Utility for sharing the cue-list of Adobe Audition among users


With sound editors like e.g. Adobe Audition (formerly known as Syntrillium CoolEdit) you can mark individual points and regions within an audio recording, and store these markers (cues) together with an arbitrary label and a description in a special list, called cue list. By a double-click on the entries in the cue list, the cue points or regions can later be located and played back very quickly. But as useful as this feature is – unfortunately, it also has some disadvantages: Cue lists exist only for WAV files, but not for other types of audio files like e.g. MP3. Secondly, the cue list is stored directly inside the WAV file, i.e. it can't be stored independently of the WAV file. This results in some limitations concerning its usage: For instance, in order to send a cue list to another person, you'll have to send the complete WAV file, which can perhaps be several hundrets of MB big. Or if you want to archive the cue list, you'll have to preserve the whole WAV file.

Here's where CueListTool comes into play: It enables you to export the cue list contained in a WAV file, and to save it to a seperate, small file. Since this cue list file is only a few KB small, it can be archived or sent by e-mail easily. The recipient can then import the cue list from this cue list file into his own wav file. (This is particularly useful if several people are working on a copy of the same WAV file and want to exchange and merge their results later.) You can also convert the WAV file to an MP3 file to save HD storage. If you later should need the WAV file again with its original cue list, simply convert the MP3 file back to WAV and import the cue list from the cue list file. The cue list can also be copied as text into the clipboard or saved to a plain text or RTF file, e.g. to transfer textual information about CD tracks to other applications like word processing software. And last but not least, CueListTool can be useful if you are working with CD images, since it can create Cue Sheets from WAV files that contain a cue list, or the other way round, load existing Cue Sheets and write the track information back into a WAV file.


Here is a survey of the some of the tasks that can be done with CueListTool:


CueListTool is Freeware and can be downloaded and used free of charge. The source code for the "Borland C++ Builder 4" IDE is also available.

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To install the program, please double-click the setup file after the download has succeeded.

Disclaimer: Download and usage on your own risk!

Some more Screenshots

In the 'Edit' mode, all cue data can be modified. Cues can be added, duplicated and deleted.

The display format of the Cues in the text window is user-definable.

Cue-Sheets for CD burning software can be created.

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