Version 1.2

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GeistChat is a program for chatting with... well... if I just knew...! :-)

Screenshot: A sample dialog (translated from German to English)


Type a question into the input field at the bottom, press Enter, and then move the mouse pointer slowly over the chat window while concentrating on your question. Or just tune yourself mentally to an expected answer without asking a question.


By manually moving the mouse, you operate as a "medium", so to speak. These movements are converted into corresponding numbers by the program, which are used to pick individual words from a word list according to a defined procedure. Of course, the grammar of the resulting text isn't always quite correct, and the meaning has to be interpreted very often. However, sometimes the obtained "messages" or answers are quite amazing...


It turned out that the messages become better if the "medium" consciously reads the text while the words appear on the screen, and stops moving the mouse as soon as the text makes sense. However, not every attempt will be successful. Simply follow your intuition!

Further tips can be found in the help file.


GeistChat is Freeware and can be downloaded and used free of charge.

Download installation file
Setup file
(ca. 630 KB)

Download source code
Source code
(ZIP file, ca. 133 KB)

To install the program, please double-click the setup file after the download has succeeded.

The source code for the "Borland C++ Builder 4" IDE is also available.

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